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What is In-Home Primary Care?


Primary Care is the day-to-day healthcare given by a healthcare provider.  This is the care you receive when you may feel sick and want to learn what is wrong so you can create a plan to help you get over your illness.  Primary care is typically your first stop before going to other providers such as specialists.


Traditionally, Primary Care is provided at a clinic, where you call to schedule an appointment and then go to that location to see a provider who can help you. 

At Choice Health, we offer Primary Care in the community and not in a clinic.  In other words, we provide this type of care telephonically and by making house calls. This helps to reduce your exposure to other contagious illnesses in high traffic areas like clinic waiting rooms, and it provides you a convenient and affordable option for primary care.

Our services are the same as Concierge Healthcare and Direct Primary Care.  Terms you may or may not have heard before.  Essentially, this means we provide Primary Care services without sending claims to insurance providers.  Rather, our patients pay a monthly membership fee to have Primary Care access.  

This creates a very affordable and convenient option for your Primary Care needs.  As a Choice Health In-Home Primary Care member, you have access to In-Home Primary Care services, and receive discounts on partner and ancillary services we offer. 


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